The Taurhai are a imperialistic oligarch who reside on the opposite side of Romulan space from the Federation.  Technologically superior to most other empires, the Taurhai Unity has little respect for inferior cultures.  While they are peaceful at times, they show little regard for intergalactic borders and will attack and subjugate any culture they feel does not live up to their standard of life.  They do not seem to care about the natural evolution of a race and have been known to bring a culture from the bronze age to the space age in less than a year.

The Federation did not learn of them until a few years ago, when a Romulan Senator sent an emergency petition for an alliance with the Federation.  The ship sent to help out was quickly destroyed and the Taurhai sent a warning to the Federation to "stay out of it".  Of course, the Federation ignored them and sent another wave of ships to Romulus.  This time, we were successful in forcing the Taurhai from Romulus.

After this, the Federation signed a permanent alliance with the Star Empire that effectively dissolved the Treaty of Algeron.  With the Neutral Zone gone, the Federation moved Deep Space Five to the Devora System and now uses it as their base of operations for the Taurhai Campaigns. 

In 2445, the USS Alexandria was assigned to Deep Space Five.

And so it beganů

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