Name:    Cameron Daniels MacSwane
Rank:    Captain
Assignment:   Commanding Officer
Race:    25% Betazed, 25% Vulcan, 50% Human
Age:    35
Born:    June 13, 2410
Birthplace:   Scotland, Earth, Sol Sector
Father:    Captain Eric Steven MacSwane {Deceased}
Mother:    Vice Admiral T'Pela {63}
Siblings:    None
Spouse:    Lieutenant Krysten Alyssa MacSwane {31}
Children:    Erin Lira Johnson (8)

Academy Records:

Year Graduated:   2430
Class Rank:   87th percentile
Majors:    Astrophysics, Engineering
Minors:    Classical Warp Theory, Statistical Analysis

Service Records:

USS Odyssey NCC-93117-A
2430 - 2439

USS Orion NCC-99821
2439 - 2445

USS Alexandria NCC-99745
2445 -

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