File: A-001-0001
Author: Cameron MacSwane

Captain's Personal Log
Stardate 122397.1

I have just received word from Starfleet Command the U.S.S.
Orion is to return to Deep Space Five, where she will undergo a series of refits and take on a new crew.  The last five years have gone by quickly and I will miss her dearly. 

Upon arrival at Deep Space Five, I will be transferred to the newly-refit Akira-II class starship,
U.S.S. Alexandria.  She has recently been refit for deep space and will be shipping out in about a month.  From what I know of her, she has had a illustrious history and has managed to survive countless encounters with the Borg and the Taurhai.  I will be relying on this history for our next mission.  Unfortunately, I will be leaving my wife and our young daughter behind at Deep Space Five.  This mission is too dangerous for civilians and with the war going as it is, I would rather my family stay as far away from the conflict as possible.  My mother assures me that they will be safe and taken care of at the Starbase, although I will still continue to worry about them.  I guess it is only natural...

The war with the Taurhai is not going well for the Federation or our newest allies, the Romulan Star Empire.

The Romulans…

Who would have thought we'd be defending the Romulans?  I now know what Captain Kirk and the officers of his day must have felt when the Klingons decided to end hostilities and become allies with the Federation.

What will become of this alliance after the war, who knows.

Starfleet Command feels that we need more help if we are going to push back the Taurhai.  Therefore, they are sending several starships into the furthest reaches of the galaxy in hopes of finding new allies and new technologies to help us fight the Taurhai.  The
Alexandria is being sent to the Gamma/Delta Quadrant border in the hopes of reestablishing connections with old friends and finding new ones.  Whether we succeed could change the balance of power throughout the galaxy.

I will not lie.  While I am looking forward to this mission, I am nervous about being out of contact with the Federation for nearly three years.  Oh well, if
Voyager could do it, so can we…


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